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Rene Triay Photography

ReneTriay--Photography and-FineArt

Miami Beach, FL


Greetings to all. My name is Rene Triay. As a retired airline pilot that is now on Terra Firma, I have chosen to continue pursuing my passion in photography dating back to my high school years. I live in beautiful, sunny and picturesque South Florida. More specifically, down in the Florida Keys... Due to my close proximity to the ocean, I'm fascinated by nature, nautical themes, the sky, tropical flowers, marine life, beautiful sunsets, architectural marvel, art deco and colors, yes-bright vivid colors. With all the natural beauty that surrounds us, through my photography, I hope the critics are fascinated to the point of wishing to travel to our beautiful state and to of course proudly display my art-work in their home, office, or business establishment. (please scroll down)

In addition to purchasing prints, canvas prints, phone cases, throw pillows or posters, Greeting Cards are also available as an inexpensive way to produce your own Personal Stationary from any of my images. You'll be able to use these cards as invitations to parties, planned events, to announce your next move or just use them as your "Thank you" cards.

You are always welcome and encouraged to interact with me by leaving comments, or by emailing me directly with questions. My sincere thanks go out to those who have emailed me encouraging words, and to those who purchased my work. I believe that "Word of Mouth" is the best advertisement, so please share the love.

And oh yes, please hurry back as I post new art-work on a weekly basis.

Rene Triay Photography

** Proud and honored to have been published numerous times in different issues of the prestigious European magazine "Camerapixo." In Spain, my image was also published in " FOTO DNG" magazine. Other publications include "Florida Currents" and "Hallation Magazine."

***Please respect the copyright laws. All images are copyrighted and protected under strict laws. Penalties apply for using, printing, downloading or reproducing images without expressed written permission from the artist.
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